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Mr. Evidence

There’s been a lot of good that’s come from the Internet and social media. When you take a step back and look at the big picture of how it connects people from all different types of backgrounds, it’s pretty amazing really. I’ve had a lot of good fortune and opportunities present themselves from Instagram in particular. But the one thing that is especially rad is how I get to meet people I might not have had the opportunity otherwise. Which brings me to the person of interest in this blog post, Evidence of Dilated Peoples. I’ve been a longtime fan of his work ever since I first heard this song on a mixtape. Since then I was hooked and have followed him all through his career with Dilated, as well as in his solo ventures. And with Instagram showing people creative outputs via their own photography, then you are most likely familiar with his work on there as well. I thought it was pretty interesting and awesome that someone like myself, on the outside looking in, might not have ever known he had an eye for photography had it not been for Instagram. And since he and I had some mutual friends, I was able to meet up and go shooting with him a few times. After seeing these how these photos turned out, I thought it would be cool to showcase here what we captured. EV-1 EV-012 Creative space. EV-014 EV-013 iPhone is his tool of trade for photos. EV-010 A few of his achievements. EV-015 Platinum plaque life. EV-011 He had some cool art a fan made for him hanging in his studio. EV-4 EV-3 A portrait of Evidence. EV-6 While walking to a beach a fan ran out of his work to see about getting an autograph…. EV-5 It is really awesome to see someone with as much success as Evidence has remained humble throughout the years and always make time for his fans. EV-8 Splash EV-9 R.I.P. Air Max EV-7 EV-2 Follow Evidence on Instagram. And for more info on his music, click here.

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