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If China taught us anything this week, it was in reminding us how vast and endless the planet is.  Especially as far as brand potential, there is an entire chunk of the earth that is starting from scratch, eager for information, receptive to new ideas.  We look to grow further in this part of the world – hopefully, this is just the first of many reports we’ll be bringing you from China.  Thank you to Shanghai for showing us a good time and opening our eyes.  We’ll be back soon!

The Bund is the top tourist attraction in Shanghai.  The river splits two world-class views.  One, the old Shanghai with the European-influenced architecture…

…and across the way, the city’s majestic skyline.  The Bund is a metaphor for the nation’s rapid transition, bridging the old world and the future.

The Old City of Shanghai:

Can’t eat too much xiao long bao (soup dumplings):

Scotty’s bummed.

They say something like a million millionaires are made every year in China.  Makes for some impressive car-watching:

Hard to tell from this photograph, but this Buddha musta towered at 30-40 feet high.

Between 1933 and 1941, China opened its doors to 18,000 Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust.  Shanghai housed the Jews in these European-styled buildings, and the refugees would go on to live alongside the local Chinese population for years.  In 2014, the tenements still stand, home to thousands of Chinese residents.

Tear-downs to make room for new skyscrapers:

Something out of Planet of the Apes:

By the time the Shanghai Tower is finished, it will be the 2nd tallest building in the world (and highest in Asia).

Directly across from the Shanghai Tower is the Shanghai World Financial Center, which held that distinction until its neighbor showed up.

World’s worst rap cover.

 On the 100th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center sits the highest observation deck in the world.

Made new friends in Jason (Converse) and Denise (SuperWowOMG), who took us to Gui for dinner.

And this is The Hundreds in China:

Filmer Johnny Boom Boom:

The other Asian guy:

Creative Director Patrick:


International Sales Manager, B.Mo.  And not pictured, #thetrillz…

Xie xie.