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As you may have noticed, I’ve been uploading a lot more HD video content to the blog, which I know many of you have been stoked on. However, I know that a lot of you are having trouble viewing the vids, or the quality is choppy, since the technology is so new. If that’s the case, just click on the Youtube HD video embedded in our blog, which will take you to a low-res version of the movie on, which should load smoother on your computer. Plus on that page, you will find a “watch in HD” link under the window to watch the video in its original, full-screen, HD format.

*Our videos are no longer hosted on (what was previously kinda awesome) video-hosting service VIMEO! Over the weekend I criticized their services after I failed to hear from Customer Support for 4 days, and subsequently, “Community Director” Dalas Verdugo pulled our Vimeo account. Yup, our entire video library is now gone because my man Dalas couldn’t take the heat. As if Vimeo’s obsoletness wasn’t incentive enough to stop using their services, last time I checked, Mr. Verdugo’s actions run parallel to good old-fashionedfascism?

Bummed you can’t find some of our past movies anymore (Disney behind-the-scenes, Bomb Hills, THSF teaser, etc)? Let Dalas Verdugo know about it and give him props for Directing the TH Community into the toilet.

by bobbyhundreds