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Remember when I visited my friend Oka in Tokyo, Japan almost 2 years ago? Unbeknownst to you, we were well into the planning stages of a special project with world-renowned toy manufacturer, Medicom.. The same company who’s responsible for your cherished Kubricks and Bearbricks, Original Fake, Kaws figures, and Japanese-exclusive Star Wars and Disney toys.

Here’s a look at what we started out with, a blank prototype, free of the spark, just to get the facial expression down. Since you’ve only seen Adam in a 2-dimensional format to this point, many of you have mistakenly assumed that Adam’s mouth is smirked to the side. But actually, it’s wide open, which doesn’t translate so clearly in a flat depiction. Finally, we can clear up those misconceptions.

Next, Medicom takes on the spark, which is another issue, considering the flat, 2-D Adam is lit up from behind. Basically, impossible to transfer into a 3-dimensional plane, but Medicom pulled it off.

Bbbbut there are way too many prongs on the spark. Looked more like Peter Pineapple then an Adam Bomb. One more round.

And we’re on track. The next issue, and perhaps most crucial, was balancing. No lie, we went through perhaps 20 different samples of varying degrees of rotation before we found the right tilt that Adam is angled at. Slightly forward. The goal was to perfect the lean, but also give it the rocking factor, whereby you can push him and he’ll balance back in place.

Finally, the overall packaging. I wanted to stay away from the typical cardboard box that most action figures and toys come in. I mean, half the fun, and half the experience, of getting a toy is the packaging, right? Old-school cartoon-styles, Adam comes “THIS SIDE UP” in a JAGS-stamped wooden crate. Handle with care.

After years of research and development, The Hundreds is proud to present “ADAM BOMB” by Medicom Toy. Only 1,000 pieces made, BUT only 500 available this year. Available at both The Hundreds LA and The Hundreds SF starting Thursday, November 13th.

photography by Paul Sun and The Social Trust
by bobbyhundreds