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Deep Budget Cuts, Global Warming, & Long Days Ahead :: The Weekly Trump-Era Report

Say what you will about President Donald Trump, but politics in America have miraculously become interesting. It’s hard to keep up with all the news when everything is overshadowed by confusion over what is truth in an apparently post-truth era. So here are a few nuggets you may have missed, young readers, in layman’s terms just 4 u.

Deep budget cuts & long days ahead – Ever have that sinking suspicion that you’re about to be murdered? You’re not alone because President Donald Trump believes that all US lives are in danger and is proposing to increase the military budget by over 10%. How do you add to a $600 billion budget without raising taxes? Trump plans on gutting several agencies, including arts, public broadcasting, and development groups, and even steeper cuts to agencies like the State Department and Environmental Protection Agency. For a President that ran on a platform that wanted to fight the establishment the actions of Trump are nothing short of egregious. Oh, and that wall he says Mexico is paying for? It’ll cost about $21 billion and it’ll come out of your taxes. But according to Trump, Mexico will eventually reimburse us. Riiight.

Source: The New York Times


White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney defends the Trump administration’s cuts to social welfare programs as “compassionate” – In what is arguably the craziest textbook iteration of newspeak, Mulvaney argued with reporters that denying a warm lunch to the sick and elderly is the highest form of compassion. Here is GOP propaganda at its finest as Mulvaney passionately argues that not taking taxes from citizens for the Meals on Wheels program is “about as compassionate as you can get.” There’s something wrong with this country when a few dollars and cents your paycheck is more important than helping the future of the nation, and those have contributed the most. Additionally, U.S. Congressman Mark Takano took to Twitter to reveal that Meals on Wheels feeds 500,000 hungry veterans every year. “Make America Great Again” you said?

Source: Washington Post

Global warming is a security threat to Trump’s Secretary of Defense Mattis – Secretary of Defense James Mattis has gone on record to cite how climate change is a real threat to American interests and protecting the United States. This is pretty incredible because we have someone on Trump’s administration that knows how to read, AND understands the effects of global warming. During his testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Mattis made sure to mention how the thawing Arctic is affecting open-water routes that troops routinely rely on. Mattis even goes as far as wanting the armed forces to relinquish their dependency on fossil fuels and explore renewable energy.

Source: Scientific American

EPA chief says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming aka Scott Pruitt is dumb – The head of the Environmental Protection Agency just went on record saying that carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming. We already know that Scott Pruitt isn’t there to protect the environment but rather to deregulate the fossil fuel industry. BUT to deny carbon dioxide has no significant impact on Planet Earth is beyond stupid. Carbon dioxide has a direct correlation to global warming and it’s been proven empirically for years. Pruitt’s denial is flat out dangerous. He is responsible for a sizable 1 billion dollar budget that affects the lives of every citizen in the United States, not to mention the derivative effects on the people across the world and the foreseeable future. The equivalence is learning the Pope doesn’t believe in Jesus.

Source: CNBC