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What, with all the iPodding and XBoxing, you’d figure we’d lean towards music or video games to quench our technological needs. But Blackberry (the archaic prototype for the Star Trek communicator device), reigns supreme here in L.A. As the perfect hipster accessory, whether for the absorbed socialite or the serious business”that“guy, the Blackberry translates across all demos with a resounding “I’m IMPORTANT!

But I do have a bone to pick. After months of anticipation for the messiah Blackberry that promised unimaginable riches, was anyone as unimpressed with the Storm as me? Does anyone else agree that the touch-screen song-and-dance is one technological innovation we’d like to give back? I mean, was there really that big of a problem with buttons? I kinda liked buttons! And stupid me, stuck on Verizon with a camera-less international Blackberry,.. I beg of you Mr. Thick-Framed Glasses guy, give us the Blackberry Bold!

Here are The Hundreds’ top gadgets of 2008.

BOBBY (ME): Canon EOS 5D Mark II

21.1 Megapixels. Takes photographs the size of small nations. Live view shooting.. Full-frame for my 15mm fisheye lens (Finally). But of course, the kicker, shoots HD videos. The second best thing to having a RED.. Now if I could only get off this Samy’s waiting list. Trust me, you will know the day I get it.


BEN: Jawbone

“I used to hate talking on my phone and this thing made me love it.”




SCOTTY ILL: “Blackberry.”


TONY: Blackberry Bold

“My Best Friend.”



“Never leave home without one.”


ALEX: Blackberry.

“Obviously. Idiot.”


MIKE: Blackberry Bold

by bobbyhundreds